Use of my images depends on the context. Please contact me if you are interested in licensing my work. Generally, my policy is:

Commercial Licensing

Images may be licensed for commercial use by contacting me. Please e-mail me (kpmcfarland [at] with the details of your project. Examples of commercial use include: books, magazines,  web pages, press releases, product labels, merchandise, apps, social media and other products. Licensing fees vary depending on use, size, and context.


Registered non-profit organizations might be eligible for discounted rates, or free use, depending on the context of use. Please contact me for permission and a fee estimate.

Education Use

Students, teachers, and researchers, for use in classrooms, conference lectures and posters, or other similar uses, are free to use my images and do not require prior permission. If any material is placed on the internet as part of the work,  they must contain my photo credit and a link back to the image on my pages.

All of the images by K.P. McFarland on this site are registered copyright with the U.S. copyright office.

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